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Hi! I’m Jennifer Hart, an intuitive connector and Soul Guide! I connect people seeking change and growth through personal development and spirituality to the people, tools, resources, and events needed to guide and support them along the way. I created and founded The Connected Soul Network to help support this mission! 

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The Connected Soul Network (TCSN) is a network made up of EXPLORERS (those seeking change, betterment, personal development, positivity, community, and support on their journey) and GUIDES (Spiritual business owners, practitioners, lightworkers, healers, leaders, change makers, coaches, and heart & soul led entrepreneurs).  

We are invested in personal development.  We are exploring and improving all aspects of our lives and lifestyles, including Health (Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual), Relationships (Self, Source, Others - Romantic, Family, Friends), Finances, Fun, Creativity, Business and more!

We lead with intuition, guidance from the Universe, and have a “spiritual” vibe. We are all heart and soul-centered. We believe change starts with us and our own change within creates a ripple effect of inspiration and empowerment of change and healing in the collective.

The purpose and intention of TCSN is to connect like-minded individuals on the path of spirituality and personal development to each other, and the events, information, resources, education, tools, and GUIDES  who can support us on our journey. We are creating support, connection and community along the way.


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