Trekking the Himalayas with a Purpose

The aftermath of Langtang Valley, Nepal after the devastating earthquake hit April 25, 2015.

Living in San Diego gave me the opportunity to meet a plethora of amazing people and lifelong friends, most of which also enjoy traveling. It was no surprise to me when my friend Yuliya contacted me and asked if I knew where I’d be March 2017. On this journey I

San Diego Farewell Party 2016
Yuliya & I at my San Diego farewell shindig 2016

typically don’t plan too far in advance, if at all. I like to keep my path
open to whatever comes my way, no limits, no expectations. Yuliya invited me to meet and join her for a fundraising trek in Nepal to support Langtang Valley, a small village devastated by the catastrophic April 2015 earthquake. It has actually been on my bucket list to do a fundraiser for a good cause and what better time and way to give back than during my birthday month with a great friend! This was the 2nd time volunteering in Nepal has come up and I am a believer in signs, so I decided to commit since I would already be nearby in India.

After committing, I was so excited that I bombarded Yuliya with a million questions about the trip, so she connected me with the founder of Trek Relief, her friend Candice Young.

Candice Young, Founder of Trek Relief

Candice and I exchanged several emails and set up a skype date to “meet” and discuss all of the details. We decided that our Trek Relief group will be hiking 8 days through the Himalayas in late March, stopping one day to volunteer in the village that our fundraising will be supporting. Candice is such a friendly and giving person. Her story is amazing. She does not receive any profit from organizing the trips and fundraisers, she does it out of love and the generosity of her heart. You can check out the full story in the video below.


You are probably asking yourself how you can help. There are several ways! You can financially support the cause and trek by making a donation on my personal fundraising page. The majority of the donations support the rebuilding of Langtang Valley with the remainder supporting tourism, which has been lacking since the devastation from the earthquake. If you are more adventurous and love to travel, you can start your own fundraiser and join us on our trek or complete your own! The more the merrier! For more detailed information about dates, details, costs, etc, please refer to my personal fundraising page or send me a message! No donation is too big or small! Thanks for your help in making this possible!

Trek Relief for Langtang from Candice Young on Vimeo.

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