Never Underestimate the Power of a YES!

I love to tell this story, it’s one of my favorites, so I thought I’d write it down to share it because it’s powerful and it just might change your life… if you let it!

My beach Birthday Bash, March 2015, San Diego, CA, USA. The party Tatiana said YES to! Tatiana is on the bottom left and I’m laying in the sand in the middle.

Every year I plan something for my birthday and I enjoy doing a bucket list item or something fun to bring all my friends (and strangers) together.  In March 2015, while living in San Diego, I decided to throw a beach birthday bash with games, fun, and friends!  I am a social person and have always enjoyed including others, however, this year, I knew I would one day start traveling the world and had opened myself to the world of couch surfing, so I decided to put my birthday event on the couch surfing website.  There was only one person who reached out to me about attending.  I knew nothing about her, but I loved that she was going to come by herself, very bold!  What I found out that day, is that this brave young woman named Tatiana, had just moved to San Diego one week prior from New York (originally from Russia) and was wanting to meet some new people, but was extremely hesitant on coming and almost cancelled, but she saw the event, my friendly smile (as she says) and decided to say “YES!”.


We met that day at my party, talked a bit and I introduced Tatiana to a bunch of people. Tatiana hung around for a few hours but then had to leave.

Tatiana and I at a wedding Northern California, September 2015.

I know how it is being in a new town, so a week or two later I invited Tatiana to join us for dinner at a Russian restaurant to celebrate my friend’s birthday and again, she said “YES“!  It was a smaller and more intimate group.  Tatiana thanked me for inviting her and admitted that she had been really homesick and lonely since moving to San Diego, so this was perfect timing! During dinner and our conversation, Tatiana mentioned she needed and was in the process of searching for a job.  As I believe, when you want something the universe aligns to help you achieve it and it’s clear now that it was yet another reason, unknowingly, that we had been connected. I told Tatiana that I had recently been approached about some open positions at our company and for her to send me her resume if she was interested. Again, she said “YES” and sent her resume right away. From her resume (and stunning personality) Tatiana landed an interview AND the job!  Our relationship and friendship continued to grow at work and outside of work.  We shared many great times, she was my “YES man” friend!  Always down for whatever I suggested and always positive, upbeat and friendly!  She is such a source of energy and inspiration, truly one of a kind!  We were now two peas in a pod and Russian Soul Sisters as we like to say!


Z, Tatiana, myself and Theo (our couch surfing host) in Santa Barbara, CA, USA June 2016

Fast forward one year later the office we worked at was closing and my contract was up so I moved back to Northern California in April 2016, but we kept in touch.  I decided to go to Santa Barbara June 2016 and reached out to all of my San Diego friends to see if anyone wanted to meet me in the middle, of course, Tatiana said “YES“!
Tatiana asked if my friend Z could join her as they had just connected and she knew he and I were friends. Of course, I said “YES” as I believe the more the merrier.  So, it ended up being the two of them, and they took a 4-hour road trip to

Z & Tatiana taking selfies together in the back of my car while Theo and I navigated in the front

Santa Barbara where we couch surfed and hung out with Theo! By the end of the weekend, I could see the sparks flying in the back of the car while I was driving, looking in my rearview mirror. Once they left on their journey back to San Diego, I texted Tatiana and asked if she liked him because I sensed that he liked her from the gentle touches I saw him giving her throughout the trip.  She giggled in our texts and said she noticed them too and that she noticed she liked his touches!  After returning from Santa Barbara the 2 became inseparable and declared themselves an official couple on July 4, 2016!  Just recently they took a 3-week trip around Europe where Z proposed to her and of course…she said “YES”!  Now, just a little over a year from their initial connection in Santa Barbara, they were married on July 17, 2017!

Tatiana and I at her Bachelorette party in Los Angeles, CA, USA July 2017
Tatiana & Z after they officially tied the knot in San Diego, CA, USA July 2017











Looking back, I am pretty sure Tatiana is extremely happy she decided to take a chance on that initial “YES” to attend my birthday event even though she felt really uncomfortable and shy!  You never know how saying “YES” to something, especially something out of your comfort zone can change your whole life and/or life path.  By Tatiana being brave and bold and challenging herself to go out of her comfort zone and saying “YES” to my invitation, she created a ripple effect of new opportunities. She created a new circle of friends, landed a job she loves AND met the man of her dreams…then married him!  I’m not saying this will happen at every opportunity, but you never know what your fear and comfort might be holding you back from, so take a chance and do something new and different! Next time an opportunity presents itself, just say “YES” and see what happens, it just might change your life… but only if you let it!

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