You Never Know Where Life Will Take You

Steven, myself, Brie & Tiffany at his Birthday Celebration in San Diego, California, USA – September 2013

After completing one of my bucket list items of moving out of my hometown, I landed in San Diego, California, USA in July of 2012.  My new workplace was big and full of a lot of people my age.  One of the many friends I made while there was Steven.  Steven and I had a lot in common, we were both very social and liked putting together events, so we became instant buddies!  Our company announced its closure a few years later and Steven decided to move on from San Diego first.  It happened at completely different times and we chose totally different paths.  Steven, originally from Connecticut moved to China to teach English and eventually I sold all of my stuff and left to travel the world.  We kept in touch during my travels with both of us thinking that IF we met again, it would be in China or Asia in general.

One random day Steven wrote and told me he met some people from Stockton, California, USA, which is the city next to my hometown.  I was still on the road at this time but loved the story and how small the world was.  Shortly after I returned from traveling in April 2017, Steven informed me he would be moving to Stockton. Steven’s plan to move was executed in October 2017.  Who knew 5 years later we would be living closer than we were while in San Diego and in a completely different place!

Steven & I at Thanksgiving this year (November 2017) in Modesto, California, USA

We had this exact conversation on Thanksgiving about how you never know where life is going to take you.  I thought I may see Steven again someday, but NEVER in my life did I think we would be living 10 minutes away from each other in Northern California and that he would be attending Thanksgiving with me and my Family.  It is a reminder for us to keep our “plans” open and fluid so opportunities can present themselves because the right things always work out at the right time!  My motto during my travels and in life, in general, is No Plans, No Limits, No Expectations!  Why?  Because you never know where life will take you, if you stay open, the possibilities are endless!

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