After returning from traveling, I decided it was time to push myself and become a creator and entrepreneur rather than go back to the corporate world, thus, The Social Muse was created with myself and longtime BFF Amy!  Another blog describing what we do and have done to follow.  We are coming up on our year anniversary, which is so exciting!  We have created a lot of fun and great events and recently paired up with Liv to expand our community outreach even further.  Since joining Liv (also another Blog coming to elaborate haha), we have been blessed with meeting so many new and amazing people, which has presented a lot of new and great opportunities!  Specifically, the most recent one proposed by the beautiful and talented, Erica Ormsby (  I met Erica at my 2nd Liv meeting, she was the presenter and I fell in love with her energy, soul, and spirit immediately!  She’s a Virgo, so we’re polar opposites, but there’s something there that connects us!  She is such a calming and confident energy, who is very positive and inspiring!  It was so cool to learn she recently released a best selling book, I Am Happy. Healthy. Free.  Even more cool and exciting was when she asked us, The Social Muse, to help plan her book tour!!!  OMG!!!  Of course we were honored and said yes!!  So we would like to officially announce, the planning of Best Selling Author Erica Ormsby’s Book tour will be planned by yours truly, The Social Muse.  This is of course, a group effort of collaborative minds and let me tell you, we are a force to be reckoned with!  I don’t want to give away too much yet, but right now we are looking at about 10 cities throughout 7 states!!  We’re not stopping at book signing, we are thinking even bigger! More to be announced soon, but in the meantime, I need your help in recommending and connecting the best locations and great people in these places!!  Please follow us on Facebook to actively participate and contribute to our journey and upcoming mission, I am Happy. Healthy. Free book tour!

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You can also purchase Erica’s book below and follow along (it’s amazing!!)

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