What is Dynamic Pay and Why I love it!

What is Dynamic Pay and why do I love it?

I started writing a bunch of copy here and decided to make a video about it instead!

Dynamic Pay is one of the largest mobile payment networks in the country, spanning over 300 brands and 500,000 retail locations allowing supporters of an organization to earn cashback rewards where they already shop while supporting their organization!

If you are part of an organization, charity, school or sports program and would like to know how Dynamic Pay can impact your cause, check out this video, and if you’re interested in learning more, contact me at the links provided below.

If you are interested in learning if your organization is a good fit for Dynamic Pay, or if you want to learn how you can impact organizations as an agent for Dynamic Pay,  schedule an appointment with me HERE

Email me if you need a customized time at jhart@dynamicscrip.com

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